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About us?


Inspired by  the ease with which the daughter of this great family painted from a very young age, 2013 was the departure date for the Orozco Luna family  will start a private collection of works of art with artists of large sizes such as:  Francisco  Toledo, Infanzón, Leonel Hdz, Sergio Hdz, among others. Later, luckily for fate, the family enlisted in the sale of their first prestigious works of art in galleries such as Bernandini and Rivas mainly, to later begin their independent work in the "Antonia Labastida" art garden. During those years of experience and good taste in art, the collection of works has tripled, adding works by local, national and internationally known Oaxacan artists with an extensive portfolio of talented and excellent authors.  quality.

Nowadays  Galería Shadai is a space dedicated to fine and prestigious Oaxacan works of art

that adds the ancestral knowledge of our Oaxacan artisans to offer our clients and the general public an experience of visual and emotional satisfaction in which the artist leads the spectators by the hand  in a vast tour of colors and figures in an intimate encounter that our space grants with the honor that it supports.





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