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Ancla 1

Alejandro Muro was born in the city of Oaxaca on October 26, 1968.  In his paintings there is usually a leading character. Thick lines, figures that are guessed without being well defined. Harlequins have become a central theme in many of his pieces. With vivid colors or darker tones, they are a hallmark of the last stage of Alejandro Muro's work. Perhaps that same freedom that they have to move or interpret something is what attracted the artist. Muro's work has gone through different stages since his career began in 1986. He has matured and has created his own style that is constantly changing and searching, but which undoubtedly has a stamp. Although most of his pieces are in fabric, he also works with graphics in smaller formats: fairground characters, fireworks castles and party elements is what he has captured in this format in his latest series.


  • Measurements: 1.5mts x 1mts

  • Price: $ 30000

  • Technique : Encausto 

  • Measurements: 1.0mt x 1.5mt

  • Price: $ 20000

  • Technician : Oil / Encausto

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